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Dianne Schmidley

I grew to dislike Oliver Stone when I saw JFK on the big screen and got seasick. That roving camera style makes me nuts. More power to you if you can sit through it.

A guy in my Toastmaster's group used to do the Gorden Gekko "Greed is good" speech. He even shellecked his hair like GG. I am still trying to figure out what greed is, but I think it begins when you start to exploit others.

Lindsey Bestebreurtje

I think greed is wanting more than you need or could use towards things which are practical, even if they are luxuries.

I had never seen either of these movies before. (But I own both of them. I'm big on WalMart's 10 for $10 bins) And I thought Wall Street was a bad movie that was poorly done. Maybe I can't appreciate it because I don't know what it was like living through the greed of the 80s.

Dianne Schmidley

It is so funny to me that some people think of the 1980s as the 'greedy' years. Gosh, you could have fooled me. I thought it was the 1990s and the rise of the Mcmansions. The recession in the early 1980s was far worse than the one now, at least for me. I was unemployed for a month and worried sick. When my husband and I bought the house we live in which is really quite modest, we had a 19% interest rate and he got a VA loan. (It could have been higher). Thus, I don't think of these as the greedy years at all. The rust belt was in full bloom, and folks were scared.

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