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Michael Yarborough

I always prefered the Slap-Chop. "You're going to be in a good mood all day because you'll be slapping your troubles away."


If any of you are familiar with Team Fortress 2, here's the scout character advertising the slap chop.



Are you saying the Snuggy is not a good value?
In all seriousness, your analogy is spot on. There is sort of an element of the huckster, pedaling medicine show products from town to town (the movie Pete's Dragon pops into my mind here). So, do Internet pop-up ads also qualify? There are those annoying moments where a video starts playing, intruding into one's home without invitation. And, more and more, these adds are triggered by algorithm analyzing one's browsing habits.

What about Amazon or Barnes and Noble suggesting books I might like, or the iTunes Genius app? Of course, these algorithmic approaches lack even the subtlety of a traveling salesman, and fail to make any sort of real personal connection--how often do you buy some crazy book or music, and then iTunes assumes that I really enjoy 19th century Bulgarian folktunes? It's not a perfect analogy, but it is an evolution, I think.

Dianne Schmidley

Tom, have you tried the 'Pop-up Blocker' on your computer? With few exceptions, I never get them anymore, and I do all my shopping on the computer. Also, you can erase cookies you don't want. And, you can use spam control to block sites that repeat mass mailings. Many sites also have a means to block ads that pop up, although I haven't yet figured out how to block the stuff YAHOO puts up.

My great irritation is with the snail mail. The load of catalogues that came today was so heavy I could hardly pick it up. I suppose American Express has been selling my name again.


Lindsey Bestebreurtje

For the record, I really want a Snuggie. And I bought a "Rapid Bath" for my dog and it is AWESOME.

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