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See? :) Great catch, and I was not aware of that documentary and will definitely be seeking it out.

Dianne Schmidley

The PBS special was a great documentary. There were women in this field for quite a while before Revson appeared on the scene. Perhaps what Tedlow was trying to say is that Revson revolutionized the business creating products for the masses. I think Rubenstein and Arden sold to the upper-middle class, especially in NYC.

When I was a teenager, Revlon products were all the rage among working-class women in the South. I worked at the Five and Dime, but I really don't remember if I ever bought any of his products, and certainly 'Fire and Ice' was not my style, although several of my girl friends wore it as well as some of the God-awful scents Revlon produced.

Two things I remember about Revlon products:

1. They got into all kinds of hot water with animal rights groups over using rabbits to test their cosmetics.

2, Counting hundreds of tubes of Revlon lipstick during a stock inventory, when I worked at the Drug Fair Distribution Center in Alexandria.

Those two things were enough to put anyone off using Revlon products...forever.

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