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Please note I am not over 50 and have no position on the article, this appeared in Slate last month:

Puff Daddies
More Americans over age 50 are smoking marijuana than ever before. Are my parents among them?


Dianne Schmidley

Even though I worked as a 'hander' on a tobacco farm as a teenager, and my Girl Scout troop visited cigarette factories in Winston-Samlem to watch the little coffin nails roll off the assembly line, I am one of those lucky folks who never smoked...period.

These days as I visit the doctors as fight for good health (I've had a stroke and a heart attack), I am very happy to say, "No, I don't drink or smoke." I would have been dead ages ago, had I ever succeeded in smoking.

Got no qualms about MJ growers, however it is probably better to eat the stuff.

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