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Dianne Schmidley

You forgot the film, "One Fine Day" with Michele Phiffer and George Clooney. The kids watch the Wizard of Oz near the end of the film. (Handy for getting them out of your hair while you can ogle George.

Lindsey Bestebreurtje

Oh yeah!

*George and Meg about to kiss*
"Mom we're scared, the mean woman took Toto"
*frantically fast forwards*
"Look, it's the color part, you LOVE the color part!"

Clearly I've seen that movie once or twice, sorry I forgot it!


The Broadway show Wicked tells the "unseen story" and does it both with heart, and lots of power pop ballads. One of the best thing I have seen in many a year. I will be thinking about how it plays as allegory.....


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